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As part of the National Education Programme, many Singaporean schools require students to visit old folks homes and hospices to interact with the elderly. The workbook aims to enhance engagement by providing topics for students who may not always know how to start a conversation with someone several generations removed.


The workbook will consist of:

  • An abridged version of the book with photos covering 5 sections - Community, Biodiversity, Changing Landscapes, Traditions and Ceremonies, and Nation Building.

  • Guided questions in a didactic format that is conducive to dialogue.

  • A journal for the elderly to reflect on and write about their own memories and insights regarding the photos in the workbook and to be used during follow-up meetings with the students.

The impact of the workbook will be measured by the number of students who received it, the number who actually used it, and a survey to determine if students and elderly benefited from using the workbook.

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